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Subcontractors, while not employees of your company, play an integral part of your projects success. It’s critical that all subcontractors working on a project you control are in compliance with your site safety requirements. In addition, as an independent contractor, subcontractors must be in compliance with all relevant OSHA standards.

Many small subcontractors may be unaware or lack the resources to implement and manage a safety program for their business. Some subcontractors may have limited ability to read and write English. Many of their employees may also lack the ability to speak and understand English.

As independent consultants, we can provide many of the services subcontractors need to keep their businesses in compliance and their employees safe. This in turn, brings confidence to you as the controlling contractor in knowing the subcontractors you rely upon will be there when you need them. We can help your subcontractors with the development of their safety programs and provide ongoing support as needed. We can help with the following:


Safety program development Safety policy development

Site specific safety plans Supervisory safety training

Employee safety training Hazard identification/correction

Project pre-qualification Emergency response plans

Safety program documentation Site safety inspections