Exito Consulting




Exito was founded on one simple idea; to bridge the language, cultural and skill gap that often exists between businesses and their Spanish speaking employees. This idea has its genesis in the childhood experiences many of us had growing-up as the English speaking children of non-English speaking parents. 

Children of non-English speaking parents very early on find themselves serving as "interpreters" with neighbors, at school conferences, doctors appointments and any other number of situations in which English proficiency is needed. Within the work setting, children often find themselves as the primary conduit between their parents and the employer. Children sometimes help complete new hire paperwork, explain benefits enrollment forms, review on-boarding information, and at times may even sit in with a parent during a performance review or corrective action conference.  

Having experienced these situations first hand and witnessing the anxiety of a parent relying on a child, is still a painful memory. Attempting to understand what the empathetic but frustrated employer was trying to communicate is still also a vivid memory.  It is the memory of the employer who desired to do the right thing for an employee but did not have the ability or skills necessary that prompted me to establish Exito Consulting.

Exito is the Spanish word for success, achievement or triumph. Exito is what we strive to achieve for the businesses that engage us, their employees, and their families.



Exito Consulting is a full service safety consulting and safety training company. Our Principal is a highly trained and seasoned safety professional with proven experience in developing and managing safety programs in bi-lingual environments - English/Spanish.

With Exito Consulting, our experienced, hands-on safety training classroom or on-site programs provide customized English/Spanish safety and OSHA training courses and curriculum that meet OSHA compliance and regulations for best practice workplace health and safety.

talent management

Exito Consulting provides a variety of talent management services. Our Principal is a highly trained and seasoned talent management professional with proven experience in developing talent programs in bi-lingual environments - English/Spanish.

Exito Consulting partners with clients to develop comprehensive, disciplined strategies for managing talent, by helping them create fully integrated bi-lingual, English/Spanish talent strategies that work across borders, engage their employees, and achieve superior results.