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Areas of Service 

All presentations, materials, and training are completed in Spanish.


Safety training

Training topics range from OSHA compliance courses to safety management and are taught fully in Spanish by an experienced safety professional, someone who has been there before.  There's always something to learn about safety, whether a seasoned professional or a safety newcomer. Click here for a partial list of training classes we offer. 

OSHA Training

Our Principal is an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer and provides OSHA 10 and 30 hour construction classes. Classes are facilitated fully in Spanish, or bi-lingual, English/Spanish, format. Bi-lingual sessions require additional time to facilitate and meet OSHA requirements.  

safety boot camps

Safety Boot Camps are an effective means to deliver training to employee groups in a highly focused, heavily condensed training format. Boot camps are a cost effective way to complete annual safety compliance training or to train large numbers of employees on safety procedures or new safety programs.   


Safety Leader

Successful management of safety is not the responsibility of a single individual. All employees must be engaged in creating and managing a safe work environment, but especially employees in leadership, both formal and informal, positions. Our Safety Leader program is designed to teach the fundamentals of workplace safety and health, adult learning and training, and the role of a safety leader to critical front line employees such as foreman or crew leaders.   

English language classes

Developing or improving English language skills is a critical element in improving employee work performance and in turn, employee engagement. Our classes are unique in that we focus on development of functional English language skills. In addition to the basics such as language for social interactions, activities of daily living, personal finance, and health and wellness, our classes include industry specific vocabulary, terminology, and phrases.

Focusing on functional English enables employees to develop skills quickly. Quick development of skills achieves two results: increased engagement on the job and more importantly, the confidence to continue English language development. 


Creating successful employee engagement begins on day one. Providing an employee the information and resources to quickly assimilate and contribute on the job is critical. Our on-boarding workshop will help you to identify critical elements to address in your current program, Participants will leave the workshop with ideas, materials, and cost effective tools to set employees up for success.  

training in a bilingual environment 

The inability to speak or read English should not be an obstacle to providing quality and effective training to your Spanish speaking employees. Our workshop will help you develop skills to conduct effective training with Spanish speaking employees. Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of adult learning principles, cultural differences that impact learning, skills to overcome language barriers and greater confidence in providing training to Spanish speaking employees. This workshop is designed for the non-Spanish speaking professional.

leader development

Leader development is a critical element on which every organization needs to focus. An organizations ability to provide leadership is the most important factor to ensure future success.

Our leader development program provides participants the opportunity and tools to accelerate their development. The program focuses on three key areas for leader development: self assessment and awareness, job competencies and skill gaps, and action planning for individual development.

Development of the workshop requires extensive collaboration with your organizations managers, human resources staff and insight from key senior managers. A minimum of three (3) months planning and preparation is required to successfully deliver this workshop.  


Subcontractor Support

Subcontractors, while not employees of your company, play an integral part of your projects success. It’s critical that all subcontractors working on a project you control are in compliance with your site safety requirements. In addition, as an independent contractor, subcontractors must be in compliance with all relevant OSHA standards. Some subcontractors may have limited ability to read and write English. Many of their employees may also lack the ability to speak and understand English. We can help your subcontractors with their safety programs. Click here to learn more.