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Partnering with businesses to engage their Latino workforce.

Our firm specializes in creating high levels of employee engagement and performance by bridging the language, cultural, and skills gaps that exist for many Latino employees in today's work environment.  To overcome the largest gap for Latino employees, English language proficiency, we focus on the delivery of all program and training information in Spanish. Latino cultural norms are considered and addressed in the delivery and application of training. By thoroughly addressing language and cultural needs, skills development occurs much more rapidly.

Our Principal partner has worked as a bilingual, English/Spanish, professional in the fields of Talent Management and Safety Consulting for over 25 years in the construction and healthcare industries. As the Principal he utilizes his knowledge and experience within the areas of recruitment, selection on-boarding, employee development, and safety management to meet client needs as a total solution provider.

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“There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks to all of them.” — Anonymous